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Richard Linklater's Slacker (Detour Filmproduction)

© 2004 Criterion Collection DVD
Originally premiered in 1991

Soundtrack: "White Walls" mp3
Screen appearances: Scott Marcus, Stella Weir and Kathy McCarty

Brian Beattie:

  • Ivy and the Wicker Suitcase (2014—Earmovie Music) the new modern folk mythic musical album by Brian Beattie. More info here. Includes band members Grace London, Kathy McCarty, James Hand, Bill Callahan, Will Sheff, Scott Marcus, Amy Annelle, Ramona Beattie, Felix Beattie, and Valerie Fowler.

... also as producer at his studio, The Wonder Chamber, in South Austin:

  • Lee Barker
  • The Dead Milkmen: Brian produced three Dead Milkmen albums: Bucky Fellini, Beelzebubba, and Metaphysical Graffiti. K.McCarty does violin and vocals and Brian also did vocals and lap steel on Bucky Fellini. Kathy and Stella were featured as the Shyettes on "Do the Brown Nose" on Graffiti.
  • Ed Hall
  • Daniel Johnston
  • Okkervil River
  • General Boy
  • etc.

K. McCarty:

  • K. McCarty plays "Celia Wire", Ivy's momma, in Brian Beattie's Ivy and the Wicker Suitcase (see above).
  • Another Day in the Sun (2005—self-released) the new K.McCarty solo album, produced by Kathy McCarty & Brian Beattie, includes three Glass Eye-collaborated songs.
  • Time for a Change [track 16: "Living Life" by Daniel Johnston] (1989—Bar/None Records compilation)
  • Sorry Entertainer (1995—Bar/None Records EP)
  • Dead Dog's Eyeball: The Songs Of Daniel Johnston (1994—Bar/None Records)

Scott Marcus:

  • Rockstar (2012—Cat Person Records) the new Scott Marcus solo album.
  • with Brian Beattie's Ivy and the Wicker Suitcase (see above).
  • with The Asylum Street Spankers: too much to list here.
  • with Starfish, 1995-1998: Stellar Sonic Solutions,
    Frustrated, and The Instrumental EP (all on Trance Syndicate—independent record label founded by King Coffey, drummer of Austin, TX band the Butthole Surfers)
  • with Prohibition, 1987-1988: Flophouse

Stella Weir:

  • with Prohibition, 1987-1988: Flophouse (1987—Fortress Records).

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