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Every Woman's Fantasy (Glass Eye Records)
Released April 2006
Almost lost and unfinished but then found and finished, the newest Glass Eye record. All of our last songs on the best Glass Eye album ever.
album art: front album art: back
"Satellite of Love" / "Rock of Hand" (Bar/None Records single)
Released in 1991
Cover art by Frank Kozik
album art
Hello Young Lovers (Bar/None Records)
Released in 1989
album art
Christine (Bar/None Records EP)
Released in 1989
album art
Time for a Change (Bar/None Records)
Released in 1989
(sampler compilation track 21: "Comeback")
album art
Bent by Nature (Bar/None Records)
Released in 1988
album art
Huge (Wrestler Records)
Released in 1986
album art
Marlo (self-released EP)
Released in 1985

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