From 1983 to 1993, Glass Eye was consistently Austin, Texas’ most original and surprising band. They rocked.

They rebanded in 2006 to complete and release their last album Every Woman's Fantasy

Glass Eye photo (ca 1985)
From left: Brian Beattie, Kathy McCarty, Stella Weir, and Scott Marcus
photo: Pat Blashill (ca.1985)

Glass Eye photo (2006)
photo: Gerald Pisk (2006)

Glass Eye is:
Kathy McCarty - vocals, guitar
Brian Beattie - vocals, bass
Scott Marcus - drums, vocals
Stella Weir - keyboard, vocals
'87-'88 Lisa Cameron - drums
'87-'88 Sheri Lane - keyboard, guitar

Glass Eye photo (ca 1992)
photo: Roy Taylor (1992)

Glass Eye photo (ca 1984)
photo: Denise Montgomery (1984)

September 8, 2012
Grulkefest: A CELEBRATION OF BRENT / 1961-2012
Glass Eye at Grulkefest (2012)
photo: Renee Studebaker (2012)
Glass Eye at Grulkefest (2012)  Glass Eye at Grulkefest (2012)
photos: Clair LaVaye (2012)
Glass Eye at Grulkefest (2012)
photo: Claudia Parker (2012)
Glass Eye at Grulkefest (2012)
photo: Claudia Parker (2012)
Glass Eye at Grulkefest (2012)
photo: Claudia Parker (2012)
Glass Eye was honored to perform in memory of and celebrating the life of Brent Grulke
at the SXSW special event along with this AMAZING lineup:
  • Wannabes
  • Sixteen Deluxe
  • Fastball
  • Wild Seeds
  • The Reivers
  • Doctors' Mob
  • True Believers
2006 Shows
Glass Eye performed some limited shows in 2006 for the first time since 1993:
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  • October 5 at Hole in the Wall with Gretchen Phillips
  • August 4 at the Cactus Cafe with Ethan Azarian
  • June 2 at Hole in the Wall with Craig Ross
  • May 12 at Ruta Maya with Seela and General Boy
  • April 7 at Room 710 with The Brian Beattie Show and Cat Scientist
  • March 18 (SXSW) at the Copa, Austin
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Glass Eye photo (ca 1990)
photo: J. Weir (ca.1990)

Glass Eye photo (2006)
From left: Stella Weir, Scott Marcus
Kathy McCarty, and Brian Beattie
photo: C. Himmel (2006)

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